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In order that a cat is healthy, is indispensable, to have a healthy and balanced diet. That´s why in COALSA S.L. we make an excellent range of complet food concieved to satisfy all the nutritional needs specified of each cat.


Super Premium complete and balanced food, high palatability, with chicken and fish.

Recommended for adult cats with normal activity. Star+ Gourmet has a good flavor and provides your cat a balanced diet with all the nutrients needed to grow healthy and happy.

Format: 15 and 3 Kg

pienso STAR+ GOURMET Cats para gatos


Extruded complete food for cats with meat and fish.

Recommended for all types of cats. Its rich and balanced formula provides all the necessary nutrients and strengthens the immune system.

Format: 20 y 3 Kg

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Extruded complete food with cereals, meat and fish.

Its composition varied and balanced diet is ideal for your ferret, bringing all the necessary nutrients and helping their development.

Format: 20 y 4 Kg.


All of our products are free of GMO (Genetically modified organisms).
Made under the normative ISO 9001.